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Why it's free?
We made a lot of directories like that already, and we made it mostly for our work. Anyway, we are easy to give. Actually, around the World there are a lot of free directories like that. If you want to say thank you and support us, just contact us!

How to add my site?
Text to us on the Contact page, send name, address, keywords, short and long descriptiption, and we will add it!

May I add website for adults?
Unfortunately, we not adding websites like that.

May I buy copy of a website like this for to have my own?
Yes, we can sale. Contact us for more details.

I send you the information about the website, but it wasn't been added! Why?
As it's free service, we not checking our email every minute. We will add it whan we will check the website and we will be sure that there is nothing prohibited. Time of checking not required. Please, wait.

I want my site to be always on top in your directory. What to do?
We not do any for post in on top. But we will think and will public information if we will be sure that we ready to do those service.

More questions? Contacts us!